In FUT Champions Your ultimate goal is to Buy Fifa Coins get the Gold Division 3. For less good players, this is definitely a goal that you can achieve, you should win 18 of the 30 pots. This is feasible, if it works, you are automatically skilled for the next Weekend League. You will not qualify then more all over again!

The rewards of FUT Champions receive not the same after you have finished the Weekend League. You will need several days because EA should see if there was not any cheaters. Usually you get often the week awards (including your personal automatic qualification for future weekend League) in the nights from Wednesday to Thurs . and the monthly remuneration for the last Wednesday of the four week period.

You do not equal rewards to spread out when received, they certainly not go away and you can therefore available whenever you want. The offers are based on the players available at the moment of opening, not after you receive the packages. This is practical if you want to wait for example with another Team of the 1 week, which may have better members.