Beckham of Los Angeles Universe. Known throughout the globe as Fifa Coins the spouse of the former participant of the popular Liven Ladies Victoria Adam, Bob Beckam has also well developed his own popularity as one of the top grossing soccer celebrities in Western countries and The united states.

Although he is currently enjoying for Los Angeles Universe in the US, Beckam was a key gamer of Manchester United, Actual The city, and Milan before arriving of the US. As such, he is believed to be one of the richest soccer celebrities to date due to group agreements, recommendations, and other income resources. His value is worth over US $300,000 thousand.

Ronaldo of the Corinthians. Like Ronaldino, Ronaldo also comes from Brazil and is believed to be one of the richest sportsmen in the globe. He performed for Milan and Actual The city in his long profession, not including his time invested on his country groups. His offer for Read The city was documented to reach 39 thousand. Due to accidents, he increased out of benefit with Actual Madrid's administrator and made a decision to exchange to fifa 17 coins cheap Milan. He was obtained by Milan after an contract of 7.5 thousand exchange contract.