Find the player you’d want to position your corner to Fifa Coins by pressing L1/LB till it reaches the player of your comfort zone. Now that you’ve done that, all you have to do is move the yellow cursor (new in FIFA 17) on the ground with your left stick and select where you’d want it to go.

It’s pretty normal from then on, you’d need to push your cross button and select the amount of power you want to have by holding on the button. After you’re done with calibrating the power, release it.

Next, it’s time for you to position your player to perfectly time the header. Remember to give yourself a head-start before you finally head the ball. Finally, press the shoot button to head properly and remember to time it with perfection.

A quick tip for all of you - we’d come across an unbelievable glitch in FIFA 17 at initial play. Whether it still persists is yet to be seen.